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Health & Nutrition Coaching

Let me inspire you to take control and start your journey towards vibrant health and wellbeing.

It is my passion to guide and empower busy women to redesign their lives and uncover a happier, healthier, fitter, stronger, rejuvenated and more fulfilled version of themselves!

What I offer:

Discover my unique coaching programs

All of my programs are exclusively designed to fit individual and different needs of the busy businesswomen, wives of expats and women who are ready to rediscover a healthy relationship with food, exercise and their body.

Busy Businesswomen in demanding positions

Are you:

  • A busy businesswoman /super-achiever; but are constantly feeling the need to prove yourself? And no matter how hard you work and how good you get it seems never good enough?
  • Feeling super stressed, exhausted and are experiencing sleep problems because your busy mind just will not stop?
  • Rushing from one thing to the next, your day just does not seem to have enough hours and you know that you are potentially heading for a burnout?
  • Struggling from severe PMS or other hormonal imbalances; running on adrenalin and have now switched to surviving rather than thriving?

Then one of these programs is for you! They are particularly designed to work on re-establishing balance, inner happiness and help you to swap your high levels of stress and the constant adrenalin you are running on, with new found strength, focus and energy. Together we will explore how a healthy lifestyle fits into your busy life. Nourishing your beautiful body, mind and soul with healthy wholefoods, physical movement and other self-care practices or learning restorative techniques does not have to be time-intensive. Instead we will make your lifestyle changes fit into the busy flow of your life.

I would like to introduce you to a new world of healthy, simple and quick recipes together with physical movements that are super effective and can be as short as 5-10 minutes. I believe that you were born to feel amazing in your beautiful skin and to live up to your full potential!

Women who live away from home – wives of expats

Are you:

  • Facing the challenge of making a new home in a new country?
  • Feeling lonely, isolated and are not quite sure how to fit into this new foreign world?
  • Missing your old support network of friends and family?
  • Struggling to adapt to a healthy lifestyle that leaves you feeling nurtured, happy, fulfilled and great in your body?


Then one of these programs is for you! They are particularly designed to help you cope with the overwhelming struggles, fear and frustration that moving countries can bring. Together we will explore how fun and easy it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle while nurturing your body, soul and mind in a new and foreign environment. I will help you to fulfil your daily requirements and create a happy life – full of meaning and purpose at the same time. You will love the new world of delicious wholefoods, self-care techniques and physical movement I introduce you to.

I believe that you were born to feel amazing and live the life you really want, no matter where you are!

Women who re-discover a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body image.

Are you:

  • Feeling confused about what a healthy diet and lifestyle really looks like for you and wonder how you can make it fit into your busy life?
  • Blaming or criticising yourself for not being stronger and able to resist food temptations or living the life you have always wanted to live?
  • Feeling tired and low in energy, do you have breakouts and dull looking skin and your eyes seem to have lost their sparkle?
  • Doubting your willpower because it seems like your cravings and food temptations are bigger than you?
  • Feeling left alone with your food confusion and are suffering from low self-esteem as a result?
  • Tired of trying every diet or latest fad just to find that they are not working for you?


Then one of these programs are for you! They are particularly designed to help you take control and re-discover a healthy relationship with food, exercise and your body. Together we will explore: where your food cravings come from; why diets and crazy fads don’t work; that there is nothing wrong with you and your willpower. We will shed some light into your food confusion; exploring how everyone is unique and different and which foods and forms of movement your soul, body and mind really thrives on. We will work on positive self-talk and techniques that will self-nurture you with kindness; taking little steps to create new healthy habits that leave you feeling happy, radiant, strong, fulfilled and rejuvenated.

I believe that you were born to feel amazing in your beautiful skin and to live the dream you always dreamed of!








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Please note all packages and sessions can be individually customised according to your personal journey.